About Sóijen

At Sóijen, we are first and foremost outdoor adventurers with a passion for the wind-swept peaks and icy fjords of southern Patagonia. We design products that inspire fellow adventurers to get out and explore off-the-beaten-path areas in Patagonia.

Our products are made with recycled materials and partnerships with environmentally-conscience vendors. We support and collaborate with local agencies and environmental initiatives to preserve and protect this one-of-a-kind region.

What does Sóijen mean?

We drew inspiration for our name from the Selk’nam – the indigenous people of southern Patagonia. The Selk’nam were nomadic hunters, traveling by foot across the desolate landscapes at the end of the world. When they crossed paths, they celebrated with unique footraces called káiyik, sprinting around lakes or racing to the tops of hills. The winner was the sóijen – or champion runner.

Get Inspired. Go Outside. & Give Back.

Each year we donate a percentage of our profits to support environmental initiatives in Chile. In 2018 we partnered with Fundación Reforestemos, a non profit dedicated to recovering degraded ecosystems in Patagonia and other areas in Chile. You too can help grow our forest by following this link and making a donation.

Reforestation Certificate