For the past 5000 years the indigenous Kawésqar people have lived in Chilean Patagonia, spanning from Golfo de Penas to the Strait of Magellan. Their lifestyle revolved around the canoe as their primary mode of transportation. We had the privilege of walking the Kawésqar Portage Trail, which connects the Fiordo de las Montañas with Fiordo Resi, together with our friends at Patagonian Fjords Expeditions. It’s time to put our canoe on our backs (figuratively) and begin the portage.


  • Trek: Kawésqar Trail, Bahia los Huiros to Laguna de los Acantilados out-and-back
  • Total Distance: 2.6 km
  • Location: Reserva Nacional Kawésqar, Chile (see map below)
  • Closest City: Puerto Natales, Chilee

Route Description

From the floating refuge in Bahía de los Huiros, take a small boat to the east coast of the fjord, where the Kawésqar Trail begins. The trek starts as an ascent towards Laguna de los Cipreses. Continue following the trail past coicopihue bushes - small edible flowering plants native to the region. The portage trail continues until Laguna de los Acantilados, where large rocks and cliffs have carved out the boundaries of this lake. You can arrive to the other side of the lake via small boat, and after a short rest continue your journey to Fiordo Resi.

Tip: We recommend good waterproof boots or running shoes since the majority of the trail is pretty wet.

Trekking Sendero Kawésqar

Small rivers and wet areas are a constant during the trek

Trekking Sendero Kawésqar

Ascent to Laguna de los Acantilados

Trekking Sendero Kawésqar Vista hacia el Fiordo de las Montañas

View towards the Fiordo de las Montañas

Trekking Sendero Kawésqar Laguna de los Acantilados

Laguna de los Acantilados